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SCI-FI P-909
4K PBR TEXTURE                     2K PBR TEXTURE

DIMENSION:                LENGTH:68cm  HEIGHT:26cm

POLYGON COUNT:              6657 faces     6660 vertices

Creating a sci-fi weapon is a fun journey for this project I got inspired by fn p-90 submachine with a magazine capacity of 50 cartridges I really like the shape and frame of p90 but has been outclassed-by more modern weaponry so I come up with new ideas. sci-fi p-909 is a semi-automatic assault weapon with very high accuracy and power and that can help you to get that sweet perfect headshot lol.  this model has one 4k PBR texture for the weapon and 2k PBR texture for the scope.I created 3 more textures make it total 8 . I really hope you like this model.cheers;)


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