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DIMENSION:                LENGTH:98cm  HEIGHT:28cm  WIDTH:9cm
POLYGON COUNT:                    15294 faces        15130 vertices
I’m a zombie player and huge fan of black ops zombies I really love raygun in black ops 1 but raygun mark 1 has a huge splash can damage the player mark 2 was 3 round burst so I want a fully automatic weapon to combine  fire rate of AK-47 and magical power of raygun to create one flawless killing zombie machine I try to keep greenish look and feel of the original raygun with AK-47 mechanism operation. I paid extra attention to the bullet and shells and make it one of the most interesting bullets ever and at the same time I try to keep everything as low-poly as possible. this model has 2 texture set one 4k texture for the upper half and another 4k texture for the lower half. and I add my signature at the bottom of the magazine 🙂cheers;)


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