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in this article, I will show you 3 different approaches to model complex cylindrical shapes with ease but if we don’t know what we are doing creating cylindrical complex shape become the hardest part of modeling especially when there is not enough polygon to work with so the first rule of thumb is we need enough polygon so we can modify it without damaging its cylindrical shape

we want to create this cylindrical shape that highlighted in the top image.


this object has 12 repetitive parts we only need to create one part and then duplicate it 11 times to get perfect cylindrical shape. to do that we need to calculate how many sides we need for the entire shape.
for creating one single part we need at least 6 polygons since the total parts are 12 we have to do a little bit of math here 12 x 6 = 72 so we need a total of 72 edges or sides all around so we create a cylinder with 72 sides now select 6 faces and delete the rest. tweak the vertices to get the desired shape like in the picture below.
now its time to duplicate to get the whole shape. the perfect circle is 360 degrees our object is cylindrical and should be 360 degrees as well. we had 72 sides so 360 % 72 =5 degrees ( it takes every side 5 degrees to get 360 degrees) so 5 degrees for 6 sides we have 5 x 6 =30 degrees and if we divide 360 to 30 we will have 12.
we use angle snap at 30 degrees now activate snap then change rotation angle to 30 degrees and shift rotate on z-axis 11 times and we have the whole shape .be sure the pivot was in the center of the object.

now attach all the objects and Wield vertices and continue the modeling inner part of the mesh and screws.

  • Approach 2:SYMMETRY

we doing the same calculation here like approach number one.
after creating a cylinder with 72 sides we model one part from only 6 faces now we don’t delete any polygon .after we get the shape of one single part we add a symmetry modifier to the mesh and go to mirror roll down and rotate on the z-axis to get other the parts of the mesh. ((now here we can be accurate and rotate with 30 angle snap but since we apply symmetry operation we have to divide 30 % 2 =15 degrees and then we rotate it at 15-degree angle. or we can just rotate and duplicate the mirror symmetry till we get a circular shape with all parts we need.)) after we apply symmetry copy and paste symmetry in the modifier and rotate it again .copy paste another symmetry and rotate it again till we get all the parts around the mesh.

continue the modeling inner part of the mesh and screws.


we begin by creating one single part in rectangle flat shape with a total of 6 polygons and we duplicate it 11 times in a row and attach and weld all the vertices so we have one singular object now from modifier tab add bend modifier go in the parameters put BEND ANGLES to 360 degrees and DIRECTION to 90 and put the BEND AXIS to X now we have a perfect cylinder shape with less than a minute and the best way to do it.


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