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 Hi. my name is Adrian I originally from middle east, I’m a 3d artist specialized in creating hard surface 3d models for Tripple A video games. CG MASK is my trademark and my logo.
“put your mask on and smile in this CG world” hers my story:

when I was a kid my father bought me a Nintendo game boy which I immediately fall in love with and addicted to it since then I became a hardcore proud gamer. over the years I developed a tremendous amount of love and passion for the video games and that thrives me to the video game industry and make me who I am, dedicated and self-motivated 3d game artist. I injected the same level of love and passion I have for video games into my models that I pay extra attention to every detail with extra care and be aware of the deadline. I started my 3d artist career for creating game assets for local mobile games and I gradually shift my art for next-gen pc and console. I have over 5 years of experience in 3d modeling for video games as a freelancer and most models here are personal projects. I have a bachelor’s degree in animation and have a strong grasp in 3d leading packages software such as 3ds max Maya and ZBrush and have the necessary skills in substance painter and quixel suite and photoshop for making the most realistic textures. my art style is mostly realistic and my favorite art style is sci-fi /apocalypse.

thank you very much for visiting my website and let’s push our precious and pure industry forward with unconditional love and hard work and hopefully less crunch time and last but not least the best game ever is obviously the last of us  1 🙌 cheers 😉 

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